When Is The Best Time To Visit Los Cabos?

Considering the fact that Los Cabos is warm and dry most of the year, has about 355 days of sunshine, and average temperatures in the 80’s makes this an extremely difficult question. That being said…the best answer would literally be anytime of the year is the best time! Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on during each season as well as expected average temperatures.


The weather in October and November is absolutely glorious with temperatures in the 80s. The ocean temps are still nice and warm as well. This time of year up until Thanksgiving is considered a “shoulder season” for hotels and resorts but it’s a desirable time for many therefore, the earlier you book the more you will save. Lots of things are going on in Cabo during this time as well. Fishing is great year-round but especially during the fall. Noteworthy events besides the Fishing Tournaments are the Los Cabos Ironman Triathlon, a Food & Wine Festival, and the Baja Los Cabos International Film Festival.


Temperatures are spectacular during this time of year – usually in the mid-70s to mid-80s. If you’re into whale watching, this is the best time for a trip. Resorts prices are usually higher at this time and crowds are usually heavier so plan accordingly. December brings an annual restaurant and food festival, Sabor a Cabo, and of course Christmas. The Los Cabos area is a magical place for celebrating the winter holidays. January through March offer golfing tournaments, windsurfing competitions, music festivals, as well as other athletic competitions. March and April bring lots of spring breakers as well people celebrating Semana Santa or Easter Week.


Early bookers will be treated to some great rates during this time not only at resorts but with airlines as well. July through September is when it’s hottest but if you don’t mind the heat you can get even better deals. Temps are in the mid 80s to high 90s. Surfing championships as well as fishing tournaments are summer events in Los Cabos. Even though May 5 or Cinco de Mayo is acknowledged in Cabo the real Mexican Independence Day is September 16 and there are celebrations for both. If Cabo gets rain (the yearly average is 7 inches) it is usually in August and September.

It’s virtually an endless summer here at the tip of the Baja peninsula and Los Cabos is Mexico’s ultimate seaside escape. The incredible weather and the slew of popular events going on throughout the year make it desirable at any time – it all depends on your schedule! Contact us today at ThompsonEvent.com and let us help you plan your visit!





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