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Cabo Food and Beverage

Los Cabos is widely known for its world-class fishing and championship golf courses. However, what most people don’t know is that in recent years Cabo has attracted a diverse collection of talented chefs and now has an influx of world-class cuisine featuring local ingredients with Mediterranean influences.

Statistics show that the food and beverages served throughout a corporate event or meeting is instrumental to its success. Most destination meeting companies will agree that having diverse culinary offerings are important when selecting a meeting venue. However, it’s not just the variety of meal options that keeps attendees happy, it’s the combination of healthy choices as well. When hunger sets in, Los Cabos definitely offers that incredible range of dining options. From basic to upscale, the choices are endless. Even though you’re in Mexico and Cabo is a place where fresh fish is so readily available, the collection of cuisine is impressive. Everything from Italian, Asian, French, and American, there’s a restaurant to fit just about any budget and any craving.

Naturally fresh seafood is the true highlight in Cabo. The catch of the day can range from mahi mahi, yellowtail, wahoo, and marlin to name just a few. The local lobsters, shrimp, and oysters are also delicious. Whether the fish is grilled over a mesquite wood fire, served up as sushi or sashimi, or added to the ever popular fish taco there really isn’t a wrong choice! Fish isn’t the only delectable dish that can be had in Cabo. Beef, pork, and chicken commonly served grilled or marinated and mixed with fresh and locally grown ingredients are all simply scrumptious as well.

Following in the footsteps of the organic movement in other areas, several restaurants in Cabo are now offering farm-to-table cuisine as well as cooking courses and tours. A truly wonderful experience that shouldn’t be missed. Of course traditional Mexican food can be found just about everywhere here. From street side taco stands to upscale authentic settings, your hankering will surely be satisfied.

When it comes to beverages, the history of tequila is long and rich. Whether it’s for sipping, shots, or added to a mouthwatering margarita, you will be able to enjoy some of the finest spirits that are only available here in Mexico.  The increase in popularity of the growing wine region in North Baja can also be found in most restaurants here in Cabo and not yet in the United States, so be sure to pair some with your next meal.

So prepare yourself for a culinary adventure in Cabo. The creativity, selection, and competition are truly beyond belief!  Los Cabos definitely serves up everything from standard to fabulous fare.

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